Global Alzheimer's Disease Characterization Project

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pieces to the puzzle

Clinical Data


Demographic Data

Patient-Provided Data

Genome Data

Histologic Data


collect data

across all populations and subgroups

1) Mobilize the owners of existing cohorts/data sets to share the

full data sets
2) Add more data to existing cohorts/data sets: through existing

cohort funding as well as newly acquired funding, adding as many

puzzle pieces to each data set as possible

3) Recruit and collect data from more patients/volunteers through

new apps and resources


Today's technologies are capable of collecting and processing vast amounts of data. Most data sets are being hoarded, stored and siloed, with limited insights and virtually no computer-driven correlative analysis across the existing data sets, let alone across numerous cohorts/data sets.


embracing Open Science, we will share data, images, analysis, data mining/artificial intelligence findings and capabilities, with researchers and intellects around the world

About The global Alzheimer's Disease Characterization Project

Embracing artificial intelligence and open science as core fundamentals, the goal is to empower researchers to quickly bring to market meaningful treatments and ultimately cures, by unveiling the mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease.

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